Raffia Basket Weaving with Ellie Beck

Raffia Basket Weaving with Ellie Beck



TIME: 1:00PM - 4:30PM

WHERE: ATELIER34 BLACK MOUNTAIN QLD (exact address will be provided once booking is complete) 

WHAT TO BRING: Just your beautiful self (and perhaps something warm should it get cooler)


Ellie Beck is a textile artist and creative maker, working primarily with natural fibres and an instinctual process. She works with natural and botanical dyes, finding inspiration in and from nature. Ellie expresses her creative voice through loom weaving, slow-stitching, crochet, photography & styling, creative writing, basket weaving, cooking and more. She creates pieces that speak of motherhood and self, of her place in the world, in nature, and is interested in mapping landscapes and her journey within space and life.

Ellie is a creative teacher, sharing her knowledge and passions through online classes and in real life gatherings. She loves connecting with other creatives and makers, and sees one of her skills as being able to guide people to open themselves up to their own creative voice. Ellie has taught thousands of students both online and in person, and sees each interaction as a joyful experience.

She lives a slow simple and mindful life in the rainforest in Northern NSW, with her artist / designer husband and three creative children. She’s been featured in both print publications and online websites, and occasionally writes for magazines, books and websites.

Ellie's method of teaching is warm and embracing: the perfect environment to absorb and create.

To see more of Ellie's amazing work visit her at Petalplum

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